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Create an Inmate Profile Page 
For an Incarcerated Friend or
Family Member.

A Pen Pal Can:
Let Inmates Have Some Fun
Provide Someone to Listen
Provide Help
Provide Emotional Support
Help Maintain Mental Stability

Pen Pals are Beneficial and Therapeutic for Both Writers.






Help Pass Some Time
For an Incarcerated Friend or Family Member.

Inmates Seeking Pen Pals. If you or a loved one is currently incarcerated, you can create an Inmate Pen Pal Profile Page to invite pen pals to chat and help pass some time. Please be sure that the correctional facility will allow this type or volume of mail before signing up with Pen Attention.

  • Add up to 4 HD photos
  • Edit for free anytime                                      View a sample profile page
  • Remove a profile anytime

$19.95 /yr No Extra Charges. Ever.

There is NO WAIT TIME.
Your Inmate's Profile Page will display immediately after your $19.95 payment is made.

Pen Attention is not responsible for any persons misrepresenting themselves or submitting false information.
Pen Attention accepts no responsibility and strongly advises not meeting anyone in person after meeting on this website.
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